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    In this section, I share my thoughts about sustainability living and how we can easily reconsider our way of consuming, of reducing our packaging, of eating more conscientiously… I also share easy tips to make our own cosmetics from natural […]

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Lentils curry
Main dishes, Salads

Lentils curry & raw vegetables

To be honest I am not a big fan of lentils… But this lentils curry is a must try!! Cooked in coconut milk with green curry & soft spices it is just WOOOOW… I like serving it with raw seasonal vegetables […]

Main dishes, Salads

Roasted butternut squash & Goat cheese Salad

Butternut squash is the perfect autumn vegetable. Indeed, it does not only taste absolutely delicious, when roasted it is also tender, caramelized, and so tasty when it comes with soft spices. And, it has also the following benefits on your health: […]

Brunches / Breakfast

Healthy Granola

Do you love granola? Do you turn a blind eye to the fact that store-bought granola are full of refined sugar, refined oil and preservatives? This granola recipe is for you! It will makes the perfect breakfast, snack or base […]

Green veggies
TIPS & Thoughts

How to Make Sustainable Food Choices?

“Sustainability” notion appeared in the 90’s, and has become a buzz work the past years. We can hear it everyday in many different contexts. It has clearly been abused and is unfortunately loosing its main meaning. Sustainable food puts the […]

Brunches / Breakfast, Main dishes

Spiral vegetables tart

Incorporate colored veggies into our tarts!It is a good way to introduce colorful healthy ingredients. And it is as delicious as it is beautiful! We share this recipe with pictures as I had a lot of fun to prepare this […]

Main dishes

One pot pasta

We love this recipe because it is super easy, tasty, anyone can make it… and everyone love it!All ingredients are cooked all together and comes in less than 20 minutes!

Rhubarb & coconut

Rhubarb & Coconut tart

Rhubarb tart is one of those very rustic tarts that remind me of my childhood. My mom has always grown rhubarb in her garden! It is sweet but sour, and the rhubarb provides an attractive red and green dual color. .  […]

bouillon légumes
Main dishes

Vegetables & Turmeric Broth

Nothing could be easier than making this homemade vegetable broth. Ideal for warming up this season, and it’s much healthier than ready-made broths. This broth is perfect for preparing before the end of year festivities and detoxifying after them! It […]


Crispy Rosemary Crackers

This recipe allows you to use the Okara you obtain while making homemade almond milk. If you do not have Okara, just replace with almond flour. This crackers super thin, crispy, vegan & gluten free. They are perfect for an […]

green peas hummus

Green peas hummus

I love hummus!! I can’t have appetizer without hummus. They are healthy, so easy to prepare and amazingly good ! Green peas hummus is maybe my favorite dipping sauce. Try my recipe of crackers to go with it! Enjoy and […]