Spiral vegetables tart

Incorporate colored veggies into our tarts!It is a good way to introduce colorful healthy ingredients. And it is as delicious as it is beautiful!

We share this recipe with pictures as I had a lot of fun to prepare this tart with my kids. I will share with you pictures step by step. I also took advantage of this recipe to review counting, vegetables & colors… Watch the video below. We both had a lot of fun!!

Spiral vegetables tart

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Prep time


Cooking time




  • For the pastry
  • 300 gr flour

  • 150 gr butter

  • 80 ml water

  • For the garniture
  • 200 gr of cheese – I personally love with conté or emmental

  • 2 medium zucchini (if you can use green & yellow zucchinis)

  • 2 big carrots (if you can use orange & yellow carrots)

  • 2 big red tomatoes

  • 10 mushrooms

  • 3 slices of raw ham (optional)


  • Make the pastry
  • Mix of the ingredients and knead well with hands. Remove butter from fridge 15 minutes in advance but do not melt the butter for the recipe!
  • Rest the pastry in the fridge while preparing vegetables.
  • Prepare the garniture
  •  Make thin slices with the cheese and all vegetables. Use can use a peeler for carrots, zucchini & cheese. Vegetables tart with kids 1
  • Remove the pastry from the fridge. Roll out the dough with a pastry roll and place it in a pie plate.
  • Make some holes in the dough with a fork. This is to avoid the dough to bloat during cooking.
  • Place cheese in a pie plate.Vegetables tart with kids 2
  • Then start placing vegetables in circle from the exterior of the plate like below:Vegetables tart with kids 3
  • Continue until you are done. Paul was really proud of the result – I must confess, I helped him a little bit 😉Vegetables tart with kids 4
  • Add 2 spoons of olive oil and sea salt and put in oven for 45minutes to 1hour at 180/200°C.
  • ENJOY!!!
  • Before serving, add olive oil, sea salt & fresh herbs (such as basil or coriander).

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