lasagna roll spinach

Spinach & Cheese Lasagna rolls

We really love lasagna at home as it is tasty, healthy and you can prepare them in many different ways.Today, I had few fresh lasagna sheets remaining… Not enough to prepare a new dish of lasagna and I wanted to […]

Yogurt berry pops

Once you’ll try to make these, you will stop buying pops… No guilt to eat one (or two!!) as you know they are healthy and made with natural ingredients only. And cheery on the cake, your kids will enjoy making […]

Butternut & coco soup

Butternut squash & coco soup

I wanted to share our butternut squash and coco soup recipe. It is an easy and quick recipe that is can be served hot or cold.  🙌🏻😋🌿 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️HEALTHY BENEFITS:〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ The nutrition and health benefits of butternut squash are a plenty […]

Berry tart

Here is an easy and delicious recipe that reminds me my childwood. When we were on vacation with my grand parents, every Sunday my grand father was buying a strawberry tart like this: shortbread crust, vanilla whipped cream & fresh […]

Kids Friendly Infused Water

With these easy and quick infused water, I hope that I can inspire you to make a healthy change in replacing some of your artificial drinks for some delicious new ones! As much as possible I try to avoid sugary […]

vegetables tian

Vegetables tian

If you have visited Provence, for sure you have already tried a “Tian de Légumes”. The Vegetables Tian is THE easy, healthy & delicious dish to go along with any meat, fish or just an oven baked potatoes.  You maybe have […]