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Healthy Granola

Do you love granola? Do you turn a blind eye to the fact that store-bought granola are full of refined sugar, refined oil and preservatives? This granola recipe is for you! It will makes the perfect breakfast, snack or base […]

Butternut & coco soup
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Butternut squash & coco soup

I wanted to share our butternut squash and coco soup recipe. It is an easy and quick recipe that is can be served hot or cold.  🙌🏻😋🌿 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️HEALTHY BENEFITS:〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ The nutrition and health benefits of butternut squash are a plenty […]


Colorful rolls

Incorporate colored fruits and veggies into our appetizers!Your kids will love preparing these colorful rolls. This recipe, is a good way to introduce colorful and healthy ingredients!

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Berry tart

Here is an easy and delicious recipe that reminds me my childwood. When we were on vacation with my grand parents, every Sunday my grand father was buying a strawberry tart like this: shortbread crust, vanilla whipped cream & fresh […]

vegetables tian
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Vegetables tian

If you have visited Provence, for sure you have already tried a “Tian de Légumes”. The Vegetables Tian is THE easy, healthy & delicious dish to go along with any meat, fish or just an oven baked potatoes.  You maybe have […]