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Garden salad

Rainbow Lentil Salad

Who said salad and lentils were boring? This Rainbow Lentil Salad is not only nice but also tasty and nourishing!! I mainly combined lentils with roasted peppers, avocado, mango blue cheese, soft eggs… It is really yummy!!

Mini fruits tarts

Mini Fruits Tarts

These mini tarts are a really funny way to cook with kids! They will have a lot of fun to spread out the pastry, and even more to decorate them with the fruits they like. It is another good way to […]

Spiral vegetables tart

Incorporate colored veggies into our tarts!It is a good way to introduce colorful healthy ingredients. And it is as delicious as it is beautiful! We share this recipe with pictures as I had a lot of fun to prepare this […]

One pot pasta

We love this recipe because it is super easy, tasty, anyone can make it… and everyone love it!All ingredients are cooked all together and comes in less than 20 minutes!

Zucchini & Mozza Quiche

Zucchini & Mozza Quiche

We love this zucchini quiche with an homemade dough. You can easily replace the zucchini by any vegetables you like such as tomatoes or eggplant… you can even mix them all together!

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

Having a green smoothie in the morning is on of the right way to boost your day with fresh vitamins, nutrients, and proteins! It should keep you going until lunch 🙂 This green smoothie is one of our favorites. It […]